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The cutest baby rabbits in Essex

   Oct 25


Rabbits are relatively easy to care for. Before you chose your bunny you need to organise everything they need. Your shopping list should include:

A weatherproof hutch. Should be as large as you can afford and high enough for your rabbit to stretch up on its hind legs and long enough to allow 3 large hops from one end to the other.

An outside run. Daily exercise is essential. No rabbit should spend its whole life in a hutch. Lack of exercise can cause ill health, bone disease, obesity and depression. If your garden is escape proof let  him out daily for exercise. Rabbits don’t care about the weather and if they need to shelter they will.

Food and water. Pellets and hay and a drinking bottle are all you need.

Litter tray. Place a litter tray in the corner of the hutch and place some soiled shavings in it and generally they will use it. Simply change the shavings daily and then keeps rest of the hutch clean and dry.

Shavings and hay. Check out your closest horse and farm shop. You can get huge bales of shavings and bales of hay for dramatically less than small bags from pet shops.

Feed and water your rabbit daily and clean the litter tray daily. Take this opportunity to handle your rabbit and check it over daily for any signs of injury or disease such as discharges or lumps. Some rabbits simply don’t like being picked up. You may have to accept this as part of his personality and if so don’t force him to be cuddled. You can still training him to feed from your hand by offering his treats such as carrots by hand.

Handling your rabbit depends on its individual personality. Always take care when holding him as they can break their backs if held tightly while they struggle. It is best to be close to the ground when you are first handling him so he can be released onto the ground if he struggles. Lots of rabbits like being rubbed behind the ears so give this a try!

Clean your rabbits toilet area daily and the whole hutch weekly. Don’t be worried if your rabbits wee appears cloudy, white or even orange or pinky. This can be normal for rabbits but if you are in any doubt that you can see blood in the wee then consult your vet. Check his bottom daily to ensure he doesn’t have any faeces stuck to his fur. If he does then gently groom it away.Failure to keep your rabbit clean can lead to flys laying eggs on your rabbit and the hatched maggots cause serious harm and can kill your rabbit. This is why it is essential to keep his home and his body clean.

Most importantly – enjoy your rabbit. Research behaviour of wild rabbits and watch for it in your pet. Take lots of pictures of him as a baby as they grow up amazingly fast.