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   Oct 25


There is one golden rule when it comes to feeding your rabbit.

Rabbits eat –


Grass is vital for your rabbit to wear its teeth down correctly, keep his unique digestive system working well, keep him at a healthy weight and gives him plenty to do during the day. This grass diet can be supplemented with green vegetables, carrots and small amounts of non-citrus fruit.

Rabbit mixes, sometimes called rabbit muesli, were originally designed to fatten up meat and fur rabbits and are completely unbalanced for a pet rabbit.

Pet foods are marketed towards the owner, not the animal and it is easy to be tempted by the bright bag with a cute bunny on the front and nice looking bits and pieces in the food inside. This is not what is best for your rabbit but if offered it they will often refuse a healthier diet when fed. Its the same as a child raised on sweets being offered a healthy meal -they turn their noses up and hold out for the ‘sweeties’.

Rabbit food mixes can actually contribute to a lot of the health problems seen in rabbits such as dental problems, obesity, diarrhoea and bone disease all of which can be expensive to correct or at worse fatal.

To keep your rabbit in the best of health follow this one simple rule-


If  you are in any doubt about feeding your rabbit please contact your local Veternary Surgery.