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The cutest baby rabbits in Essex

   Oct 26

Our Bunnies

We have 5 adult rabbits. They are all adored and spoilt rotten! We have a mixture of colours, breeds and personalities.Scroll down to meet the gang……………..

Hip and Hop. Hip (left)is a chocolate Belgian Hare cross and Hop (right) is a chocolate Himilayan Lop. They are very much in love xx

Hop, my big cuddly boy

Munch - black otter Mini Lop. An absolute cuddle bunny who rushes out to greet me in the morning

Thumper is a  Himilayan and as you can see she is slighter in build and less ‘loppy’ than Hop. She has a very sweet nature and despite having surgery recently for a badly torn face she has remained gentle and took all her treatment bravely and calmly.

This is our latest dwarf lop Budge. She lives with Choca Mocha.

Budge and Choca Mocha who is a bit camera shy.